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Printed materials

The location and availability information of materials obtained by the library is available in Kaakkuri.

Printed materials

  • books
  • journals
  • other materials and equipment

Xamk library customers have access to the materials of all campus libraries. The campus libraries primarily include literature related to the fields of education provided on that particular campus. For more information on the collections of our campus libraries, see the campus-specific information.

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In Kaakkuri, you can also search e-books, e-journals and databases by name. To access the materials, log in with your Xamk user ID.


  • e-books
  • e-journals
  • reference works
  • standards
  • glossaries

If you need to do more detailed searches for e-materials, we recommend accessing the databases / e-materials' own pages. The links to these can also be found in Kaakkuri.

Licenced e-materials may only be used by Xamk students and staff. You can also access the e-materials from home by logging in to Kaakkuri with your Xamk ID. Please read the terms of use before using any electronic materials.

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Material acquisitions

Xamk staff and students, together with other customers of the library, can request the library to acquire materials by filling in the Acquisition proposal form. We will review the proposals and acquire the materials that are in line with our collection policy and the available budget.

Course literature is acquired in electronic and/or printed form. The need for books and their quantity is assessed with the course teacher. The materials are primarily acquired as e-materials, which may have restrictions on simultaneous use.

Acquisition proposal

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