Placing hold requests

Placing a hold request

If you want to place a hold request on printed materials, first login to Kaakkuri. Find the material you want and open the materials information by clicking the title. Place a hold request from the upper right corner of the holdings by clicking "Place a hold request" -button

For printed journals, you can make hold request only on copy level. Place the hold request by clicking "Place a hold request on this copy" -button on the end of each line.

After pushing the "Place a hold request" or "Place a hold request on this copy" -buttons you will get a window where you should choose a pickup location and then submit the request.

Picking up reservations

If you want to check your own reservations, you can do it by going to Your account -page Requests -selection.

You will get an email when the materials you have requested are in the library available for pickup.

The shelf reservations are collected a few times in a day. Priority have been given to the customer in the library to borrow the material even if a hold request were directed to it.

Every customer has their own personal hold indetifier. The hold indentifier is a series numbers. You can see your personal hold indentiefier from your accounts personal details. Reservation are arranged in the reservation shelf according to last four numbers of customers hold indentifier.

Cancelling reservation

You can cancel the hold requests as long as they are not picked up from the self and handled by the library staff. If you wish to cancel the reservations after this, you need to contact to the library.

Unhandled hold requests can be cancelled in Your account -page Requests -selection.